ManTech Continuous Cluster Server

MCCS provides high availability & disaster recovery for mission/business critical applications for Windows and
Linux platforms on physical, virtual and mixed environment.
Until recently, mission/business-critical applications requiring more than 99.99% of high availability have been managed in physical environments with HA&DR configured to ensure continuity of service. From the physical environment of the past, these applications are now deployed in virtual environments which offer a wealth of benefits, one of the best being cost-effectiveness and ease of HA&DR configuration.
Although easy configuration of high availability bundled with Hypervisor is definitely appealing, minimizing downtime due to application errors or VM failures in mission/business-critical applications remains a challenge. MCCS Virtual is the solution to this kind of challenge.
Workflow Automation
Virtual machine-level clustering
MCCS Virtual ensures high availability of virtual machines and their related resources, focusing not only on the physical host, but also virtual machines, software, networks and storage to enhance virtual infrastructure uptime.
Visualization of recovery processes
Real-time block replication
Block-level replication ensures target data is identical to its source. Once mirrors are established between two servers, MCCS intercepts all writes to the source volume and replicates them across the TCP/IP network to the target volume simultaneously. With MCCS support for all types of DBMS, you will never lose your mission-critical data to failure or disaster.
Risk monitoring
Global dashboard
MCCS bundles a Global Management Center in the Virtual Edition, and is provided as a virtual appliance. The global dashboard also supports a plug-in management console for VMware‘s vCenter.
Key Features
– Includes all features of MCCS Enterprise but limited to virtual machine only. (Click here for more details >>)
– Consolidated web dashboard
– Multi-tenancy cluster set management with one console
– Performance monitoring of server resources and applications
– Availability reporting
– Automatic HA/DR agent distribution
– Automatic cluster building
– Automatic cloning of standby server on standby host for virtual infrastructure
– vCener plug-in of management console
– Eliminates management costs for HA/DR with automatic features.
– No human labor for HA/DR building.
– Proactive performance monitoring results in less IT service downtime.
– Enterprise-level dashboard will increase productivity of your business.
Supported Hypervisor
– VMware vSphere
– MS-HyperV
– Redhat Enterprise Virtualization
– Citrix Xen Enterprise
Supported guest O.S
– Windows 2003/2008/2012 Server&later editions
– Windows 7/8
– Redhat Enterprise Linux
– Cent OS
– Oracle Linux
Supported Storage
– PCIe NAND flash
– Internal SAS and SATA
– External DAS, SAN, iSCSI, NAS
Supported plug-in management tool
– VMware vCenter

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