ACCORDION is web container platform that delivers availability, agility, scalability, and fully automated orchestration for the mixed infrastructure like physical, virtual, private cloud and public cloud.

In today’s business, Web service has become more important. According to IT trends, ACCORDION provides a management environment for deploying containerized WAS and user applications easily and quickly. Also, ACCORDION’s container service increases the efficiency of server resources and productivity of developers with CI/CD.

Web application deployment
It is ease to deploy bundled Tomcat and Wildfly with automatic network and cluster configuration in a few click. And It also provides user defined container image, so that helps you create containerized application and deploy multiple instances simultaneously in seconds to minutes.
Auto scaling / Load balancing / High availability
Unexpected heavy traffic may will cause to web service crash. Accordion will scale out the application and load balance to keep up with user demand. Automated container replication and restore enable applications to be available 24/7.
Accordion provides system monitoring (CPU, Memory, Disk, Network) , APM (Application Performance Management), logging and alarming service (Email, Slack). This enables maintain the stable web service.
CI/CD makes it simple to build or deploy the applications and provides continuous service while rolling-updated. An instance rollback to previous version can be performed easily when it is needed.

– All in one solution including middleware, virtualization, and APM
– Automatic recovery for a failure through self-healing
– automated or manual scale out
– clustering and load balancing for multiple Web instances
– One click application deployment
– performance monitoring and logging
– Support for multiple platforms, including physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures
– Automatic development lifecycle for development, build, deploy, and, upgrade through CI/CD


▣ Developers
– Eliminates waste time by building development and testing environments
– No compatibility gaps among development, testing, and production environments
– Maximize productivity by automated pipelines of development, build, and deployment

▣ Administrators
– Eliminate complexity by integrating middleware, infrastructure, and management solutions
– Easy to scale out and management for Web systems
– Optimized tuning and performance monitoring
– Uninterrupted web infrastructure with automated recovery

▣ Users / Business
– Advantages in speed competition
– Rapid service responses


To install Accordion, there must be at least one master server and one node (preferred to over 2 nodes) to run the service.

Master Redhat 7.0 or higher / CentOS 7.0 or higher Minimum 4core Minimum 4GB Minimum 30GB
Node(s) Redhat 7.0 or higher / CentOS 7.0 or higher Minimum 4core Minimum 4GB Minimum 10GB