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No data loss from disaster Unplanned downtime caused by storage failure and natural disasters can result in complete data loss. MCCS provides seamless replication of your mission-critical data in real-time to ensure that your data is always on. Disaster Recovery as a service Building HA/DR site is high budget. So it will be dream to build their own DR site for SMB. Don’t worry about this. You can build your own disaster recovery site with cost effective MCCS cloud No application downtime MCCS ensures that your mission critical services and applications run24x7 and 365 days from any critical failures and disasters HD/DR automation The main goal of DR canter is to ensure that IR services are available in the event of disaster. IT staff must consider the cost and the complexity of bringing a whole resource back online within a target RTO. MDRM reduces the risk and complexity of DR with process of BCDR automation Web system Modernization Open source has became main stream for web infrastructure. However, in terms of operations such as installation, administration, and tuning, the freedom afforded by open sources causes non-standardization and acts as an obstacle to conversion toward open source. The automation tool for WEB from KHAN(enterprise)can help remove such obstacles and accelerate the conversion to open source.