types of server clustering

Founded in 1989, ManTech Co., Ltd. (“ManTech”) has been offering high-quality products and accumulating technology through alliance with some of the industry’s global leaders.
ManTech specializes in system redundancy, disaster recovery system building, consulting on and implementation of uninterrupted servers and data transfer, customer database performance analysis,
and supply of and technical support for customer database and archiving-related programs. It ensures stability and efficient operation of customer databases.
For the past 20 years, ManTech has continued to grow. In fact, it has successfully established references in a number of different sectors, including public services, finance, communications, and manufacturing. Mantech has been able to use its experience to design and release MCCS (ManTech Continuous Cluster Server), a solutions program independently developed by the company.
The strength of MCCS goes beyond being a simple disaster recovery solutions program;
it offers a high level of availability, keeps downtime to a minimum and allows immediate resumption of operations. With its independently-devised module dubbed EMS, MCCS sends failure notices via mobile phone texting in real time and troubleshoots problems fast.
ManTech is dedicated to continuous product development, cementing its partnerships with global industry leaders, and embracing and enhancing new creative technologies to develop its competency as a vital point for expansion of the IT asset value and capabilities of our clients.